Tumoră spinală cervicală asociată sarcinii

Cancer metastatic to spine

Schwann cell tumors are the most common benign peri­phe­ral sheath nerve tumors.

Pregnancy-related cervical spinal cord tumor

They may affect both sexes. Although they are slow-growing masses, the hormonal, bio­che­mical and hemodynamic changes of pregnancy can trig­ger an ac­ce­le­rated growth of these tumors, with severe con­se­quen­ces for both mother and fetus.

We report the case of a year-old woman who presented at 34 weeks of gestation with a rapidly progressive pyramidal syndrome with paresis of arms and legs. The MRI exam revealed an extensive cervical spi­nal cord schwannoma with cord compression for which the patient required both obstetrical and neurosurgical in­ter­ven­tions.

Keywords spinal cord tumors, pregnancy, schwannoma Rezumat Tumorile spinale sunt rar întâlnite în sarcină, dar atunci când sunt extinse, pot cauza probleme grave prin efectele neu­ro­lo­gice rapid progresive date de compresia medulară.

Tumorile cu celule Schwann sunt cele mai frecvente tumori derivate din teaca nervilor periferici şi pot afecta ambele sexe.

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Cu toate că sunt tumori cu o creştere lentă, modificările hormonale, biochimice şi hemodinamice din sarcină pot accelera creşterea acestor tumori, ducând la apariţia unor consecinţe severe pentru mamă şi făt. Prezentăm cazul unei paciente în vârstă de 24 de ani, care s-a prezentat la 34 de săptămâni de sarcină cu sindrom piramidal rapid protocol de tratament helmint şi tetrapareză.

Examenul IRM a relevat un schwannom cer­vical extins, cu compresie medulară, pentru care pa­cien­ta a necesitat intervenţie chirurgicală obstetricală şi neu­ro­chirurgicală. Cuvinte cheie tumori spinale sarcină schwannom Introduction Spinal schwannoma is a peripheral nerve sheath tumor comprised of neoplastic Schwann cells.

Cancer in the Spine

Schwannomas are generally considered benign tumors, although some malignant subtypes exist 1. The main part of nerve sheath tumors is confined to the intradural extramedullary space, but some extend into the extradural compartment or to the spinal cord.

Schwannomas are typically found eccentrically, attached to the nerve. Schwannomas are usually encapsulated slow-growing solitary tumors which affect both males and females, mostly between 25 and 60 years of age. The incidence of spinal schwannoma is 0. Schwann cell tumors are reported in pregnant women, although their incidence is rare.

Primary intramedullary primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the cervical spinal cord. Case report.

It appears that hormonal changes in pregnancy may interfere with tumor growth, therefore these tumors are sometimes either revealed by the physiological pregnancy changes, or their symptoms are exacerbated by other coexisting conditions. A pregnancy-related spinal tumor occurs in about 1 in to pregnancies, and is diagnosed during the gravid state or within a year after childbirth 3.

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Common types of pregnancy-related spinal tumors are giant cell tumors, hemangiomas, schwannomas and metastases. The clinical symptoms may be absent or vague for months or years. Pain and paresthesia are frequent findings; sphincter function alteration or motor deficit can also be found depending on tumor location.

The neurological deficit is generally progressive, but once the tumor reaches a critical size, spinal cord compression occurs and progresses rapidly. Although rare, spinal cord tumors diagnosed during pregnancy raise serious concerns in terms of continuation of pregnancy, anesthesia and neurosurgery 4.

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We present the case of a year-old pregnant patient who was transferred to our multidisciplinary hospital, with an ongoing week pregnancy, progressive pyramidal syndrome with paresis of arms and legs, and an MRI image suggestive for a cervical cancer metastatic to spine tumor. Case report A year-old secundigravida was referred to our hospital presenting with increased motor weakness, back pain, numbness and aggravated paresthesia in her limbs.

She had cancer metastatic to spine week ongoing pregnancy and was recently diagnosed with a cervical spinal mass.

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Her pregnancy medical history was scarce, with only two appointments to an obstetrician up to the third trimester. In the second trimester, she was diagnosed with pregnancy-induced hypertension, but has not continued further follow-up. She has been experiencing progressive back pain, headache, paresthesia and numbness in her arms and legs since 28 weeks of gestation. The symptoms aggravated at 33 weeks, when she was admitted to a local maternity hospital.

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Pregnancy monitoring showed no fetal distress. A cerebral and a spinal MRI were performed, and the patient was given a cervical collar to ease neck pain.

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Figure 1. MRI image showing cervical tumor at C1-C2. Sagittal view Figure 2. Axial view Figure 4. The entire encapsulated mass invaded the spinal cervical canal. Also, the tumor pushed the cervical spinal cord at C1-C2 level, causing compression and stenosis at C2 level on the left side.

Concluzie Durerea oaselor, șoldului, articulațiilor și a spatelui este un semn al cancerului? Durerile musculo-scheletice, inclusiv durerile de șold, articulații, lombare și os sunt o problemă de sănătate foarte frecventă la nivel mondial. Durerile de șold, articulații, lombare și spate pot fi asociate cu multe afecțiuni medicale diferite, inclusiv artrită, leziuni, nervi ciupiți și cancer. Leucemie sau sindroame mielodisplazice SMD : În cazurile de cancer precum leucemia și MDS, măduva osoasă devine supraaglomerată din cauza producției necontrolate a unui tip de celule albe din sânge, rezultând dureri osoase care începe inițial în brațe și picioare și mai târziu în șold. Cancer metastatic sau cancer avansat: În cazurile de cancer avansat sau cu metastaze ca în cazul cancerelor de prostată sau de sân metastaticcancerul se răspândește adesea pe oasele coloanei vertebrale, coaste, șold sau pelvis cauzând dureri de șold.

The tumor mass wrapped the root of the left spinal C2 nerve from its origin and engulfed the left lateral recess of the dural sac Figures The aspect suggested a benign cervical tumor, possibly a schwannoma. Next, the patient was transferred to cancer metastatic to spine multidisciplinary unit in order to receive a complete management of her medical conditions. She had an increased motor weakness, paresis and numbness in her limbs.


The fetal monitoring and fetal ultrasound showed a live week fetus, with no acute fetal distress. The patient was evaluated by the neurosurgery specialist and the obstetrician, and she was placed in the obstetrics and gynecology department for further fetal evaluation. She was given corticosteroids for fetal lung maturation and was closely monitored.

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As her neurologic symptoms aggravated, a caesarean section was required. A special attention was paid by the anesthesiology team, which had to prepare for intubation and ventilation difficulties.

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A premature, but otherwise healthy baby, with mild signs of intrauterine growth restriction, was extracted.