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    An investigation of the potential influences of As, Hg, Tl and Pb on Se metabolism, which can suggest new drugs to cope the poisonousness of Se. The acute studies have been initially achieved by shaping the pulmonary and biliary excretions of the volatile Se in neonatal masculine Holtzman rats which were injected with selenite subcutaneously in the hind flank, then the volatile Se was trapped in 8N HNO3 and the radioselenate detected in a scintillation counter.

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    The chronic cases were carried out with the nursing of rats with a purified diet of water-soluble vitamin mix, fat-soluble vitamin mix, saccharides, oil, and salts.

    One week after the basic diet, the rats taken Se have received diets containing 10 ppm of the element as sodium selenite Na2SeO3 or selenate Na2SeO4 added in the salts.

    The calorimeter was used to analyze Se in the frozen what are fat soluble toxins specimens.

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    As, Hg, and Tl were repressed the volatized Se excreted from the lungs. As has assisted the biliary excretion of Se and inhibited the chronic selenosis.

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    Tl has increased the retention of Se in the liver and kidney, papilloma vs lipoma, had no chronic effect on the amount of Se deposited in all the studied tissues.

    Similarly, Hg has increased the retention of Se but in the spleen and carcass of rats indicating to the high Se concentration in blood. Hg and Tl have inhibited the Se in urine.

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    No effects of the doses rich in As, Hg, and Tl on the Se excretion in fecal. Even though, we suggest As as a possible medication to chronic selenosis.

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